A big Hello to whoever is reading this! I am Harveen Kaur Gulati, writing my first blog to give you some perception about who I am as a person. I love talking to people about myself, how my day went, my problems (majorly) and my success (rarely). Well, if you’ve not already guessed, I’m crazily self-obsessed. It might come shocking to you guys, but I am a good listener too. I love to hear other people’s stories, and my intense love for romantic movies (Bollywood>Hollywood) and reading “Humans of New York” and “Humans of Bombay” stories proves my point. I believe I get my inspiration to achieve my dreams from other people’s beautiful stories. Is that why it fades away so soon (hmm)?

Self-obsessed Me

I am a 20-year-young girl aspiring to achieve something big in my life (like everyone :P) but always fall in the trap of being lazy and other unhealthy habits like overthinking and eating junk food agh (again, like everyone). I think it’s high time that I focus on myself to build a future I want, and this has motivated me to write this blog. It’s like a diary entry for me where I’d like to discuss my day in general. This helps me get a clarity of my thoughts and I’m assuming it will keep me motivated, determined and consistent (hopefully). As I mentioned earlier, I love talking about myself and I feel this is the best way to engage in this busy world (although idk if someone else will even read this or not).


Caption: Before I die, I want to fly!

Moving on, I am a final-year International Indian Biotechnology student studying at the University of Manchester. There is so much I can tell you guys about my experience here, but I think I’ll reserve this for another blog. To give some insight, I was so afraid of this journey that I never wanted it for myself, but I have to say it’s made me come out of my comfort zone and basically released me from the cage I had built around myself (truly). I dearly thank my two beautiful sisters I’m blessed to have for forcing me to embark on this rollercoaster ride. Well, the main credit goes to my dad undoubtedly and then them. Trust me, the story is much more dramatic than what it seems to be ha-ha.

It’s December 7, 2018, and me being the confused personality who can’t focus on one thing, I want to learn the art of making decisions and be determined to achieve them. To practice this, I am going to produce relevant content each day until 2019 as I really enjoy engaging with the public and this shall take me one step further in accomplishing my goals. To conclude, the quote for the day would be “Remember why you started”, There is so much I could continue writing about, but I think its time to stop. Stay tuned for beautiful content each day until New Year’s!!!! Let’s make the most of this month. Happy December 😊


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